BG products and your car

Was kinda thinking about this and thought I would post my thoughts, I have been in the automobile repair industry over 25 years, since then there have been some changes in the industry, such as repairs and the process that is involved with those repairs.

There have also been some interesting things that some shops have done to keep their bottom line up, lets face it cars are built much better today than they were just a short time ago, very low maintenance costs, really other than brakes, there is not that much to maintain, you just sorta drive, check and change the oil from time to time, and suffer through the times when the car just breaks down on ya, but all in all, that is infrequent, as they just sorts chug along, with a new tank of gas.

So shops are still trying to make as much money as they can, after all they do need to be profitable, right? This is where the BG guy comes in, I remember back in the early 90’s a guy showed up to our shop and was trying to show us how good this intake cleaning system was, he did a full blown demo, the can had BG Fuel system cleaner written on it, fast forward 20 years, and now there is a full line of BG fluids/additives, to cover all your needs.

Now these fluids/additves are not cheap, as a matter of fact, there are a bit on the pricey side, well actually at least double of what you can get some where else, such as the dealer and the actual recommended fluid for your car.

For the last 10 years from time to time, I have ask the BG rep for some actual literature on there products, as well as data info that would state how their products stack up against the OE, and every time I ask I get the run around usually something like, oh yea I can get that for you, hey have you been fishing lately? Or how’s that Mustang running?

Anyway they have created a large business selling these products( it makes me wonder are these products any better than say OE, or actual dealer fluids?. A lot of these are just simply additives, which in my opinion do nothing for your car. They are expensive, because they have to travel through to many “middle man” in order for them to reach your car. Lets see they have to be made, then shipped to an independent rep, he does not work for BG, he is a distributor, then it has to be sold to the shop, who then sells it to you, so every time, the product changes hands, its cost increase at least doubled.

Lets take the BG transmission fluid for example, it is a full synthetic fluid, which is what today’s cars require, the fluid will cost the shop around 60.00 USD, then after mark up the shop sells it to you for 129.00 USD, this is about 16 quarts of the fluid, then there is the kit, a cleaner that gets installed before the flush, which then the tech is suppose to drive the car around for a bit to get the cleaner to cycle through the transmission, I don’t think I have ever seen this done, usually it get poured in, then the machine get hooked up immediately and the fluid is flushed, then when all is said and done, the additive gets poured in, I think this kit usually runs around 30.00 USD to the customer, then 1 hour labor to do the job. So your transmission fluid flush just cost you a bit under 300.00 USD, I have a hard time to swallow this.This is absolutely insane. I can not believe that people will buy such a service. Here is what I know, I can go down to the dealer and put 16 quarts of the Transmission fluid that is required for my car for about 60.00 to 100.00 USD. depending on what your car takes, and then simply pay someone 1 hour labor to do the service, and I would be out about 200.00 USD max. You do not need the kit. Chrysler/Jeep has even issued a technical service builtin that states, any additive added will void your warranty. Many more manufactures are following their recommendations.

There is another (again my opinion) service, that is a useless expensive service that does nothing for your car, that would be the Induction service. Basically what they do is add this fuel system cleaner to a system, that sprays this cleaner into the intake and supposedly cleans the intake system, as well as remove carbon from the valves. this is a useless service, and an expensive one as well, I can get the same thing accomplished by using a little bit of water and some transmission fluid, and my results will be much better. either way this should only be preformed by someone who knows what they are doing. You also do not need the 44K or any other type of fuel system cleaner, there are already cleaners added into the fuel when you go to the gas station to fill up.

There are many other BG products available today, and none of them will make your car run or last any longer, I know, I have read the testimonials, read between the lines, they all talk about how these cars has lasted 200K miles plus, well, I have news for you, it is not because they use BG products, it is because cars are built much better today, and run more efficient and cleaner that they did many years ago, this is why you are getting 200K on your car and more, it has nothing to do with what additives you put in your car.

Yes you should have the fluids changed from time to time, a good rule of thumb, about every 30K, the transmission depending on the fluid can go 60K, and brake fluid 24k or 2 years, the same with engine coolant, although most are now using extended life coolant, so 5 years or 100k, you need to check with the manufacture and or the service manual for your car. Just simply use the fluid that is recommended, and do not add additives, they are not needed. the BG system was designed for one purpose, to flush the money out of your account and into the shops/BG’s account.

Here is a thought, ask a tech if he uses BG products. I already know what the answer is. I have never seen a tech using any of these products on his/her own car.


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